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Grip on your life as an entrepreneur. Being the (co-)founder of a company is the most glamorous role to the outside world. You must make a lot of money and have vacation all the time because you are the boss. BULLSHIT. Being the (co-)founder of a company is freaking hard. You’re wearing several hats: you’re responsible for strategy, execution, sales, legal stuff, finances, administration and all those other nice chores that are distracting you from the important things. Being able to brainstorm with someone who has dealt with these struggles can really help: 

  • Should I invest my time in training people or build the product instead?
  • Where do we want to be in 6 months?
  • Why is the data telling me something different than my ego?
  • How do I extend my runway?
  • What is the minimum of Minimum Viable Product?
  • Have we found Product Market fit yet?
  • When should we launch our product?
  • Should I hire a business developer?
  • Why have we not found Product Market Fit yet?
  • Do I want to start pitching to investors?
  • How do you pitch to investors?
  • Will we ever find Product Market Fit?
  • Are we ready to scale up?

Startup coach: Vincent van de Poll

By Jeffrey

Vincent is the type of person whom you can trust with your life and business. Vincent has been an entrepreneur all his life. He started trading marbles on flea markets when he was only 10 years old. Friends describe him as the guy who sells ice to eskimos in his spare time. With an uncanny ability to increase people’s confidence level from the moment he enters the room, he helps and inspires people by showing them opportunities to grow and make impact. He loves teaching people what he’s learned. Always creating an trustworthy environment and stimulating people to improve their productivity and effectiveness. Need fast results? Vincent will cut through all your bullshit within minutes to present you an action plan to blow your results through the roof. Always based on hard facts, he will help get you these results with a competitive drive you have never experienced before.

Silicon Valley

He worked at Coolblue and VidaXL before moving to San Francisco to found his own startup UCreate3D. With Koen Munneke he the leading provider of 3D Printed products with a supply chain across 3 continents. Became the launching partner of Walmart in 3D printing, in partnership with 3D Systems, Disney and Universal Studios and participated in Mountain View accelerator 500 Startups | Batch 13.



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