Sparring Partner

  • Get you back on track
  • Release the brake and pedal to the metal
  • Clear vision and direction afterwards

Stuck in traffic?

Progress going to slow? Hard to get your plans of the ground? Need to get your (management) team on board? Want someone to challenge your strategy or tactics? Culture going haywire? Or simply looking for an innovative and disruptive view on the subject? Time to light the bat sign.

Independent & objective feedback

We will use our Direct Impact approach to inspire, motivate and connect people and help you tackle your issues. By asking the right questions, giving feedback, working as a team and sharing the best global practices we’ll find the right way forward. Full speed ahead.

Startups we have worked with



Define subjects

First things first: set boundaries. We’ll interview you first to get clear understanding of the issues, how they arose and who’s involved. This to make sure we can be very productive and efficient and prevent the discussion from becoming too big.


We always bring our A-game with everything we do. We don’t just sit down and start listening. We’ll make sure everything is carefully prepared and the necessary research and communication is done.


Timing is of the essence. These sessions are best planned in the morning, when you brain has not yet entered “operational mode”. Preferably we meet at an off-site location. We’ll take the lead and coordinate the session from A-Z. The only thing you need to do is open your mouth.

Pros & Cons

  • Clear vision and direction afterwards
  • Team spirit and motivation will improve
  • You will have to listen to our annoying questions
  • You wish you had done this sooner


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