Better insights with a dashboard

Are you drowning in data?

A well-designed dashboard helps you out


A dashboard can play a big role in making your business decisions. Many businesses sit on a pile of data without being aware of what valuable information could be in there. Presenting the data in an understandable and clear way helps you quickly find weak points in your performance.

Converting data into actionable insights

Acquiring or obtaining data isn’t a goal in itself. Without being able to convert data into actionable insights, data can never function as a steering wheel of your activities. You need a good designed dashboard that focuses on the key metrics that truly matter to your business. It helps you in converting a pile of numbers into valuable business insights.

From strategic to operational dashboards, we build them

We help our clients by building killer dashboards. From operational dashboards focused on the day-to-day business, to strategic dashboards visualizing long-term developments, we make the dashboards bespoke for you. Dashboards that makes you see all the relevant metrics in one sight in the blink of an eye.

Do you want a killer dashboard tailor-made for you?

What you get:

Instant Visibility

A dashboard visually summarizes all the important metrics. It give's you a quick-and-easy overview of your performance.

Save Time

No more printing out spreadsheets and reports. You can simply refer to your dashboard to get the information you need.

Ease of Reporting

Boards, clients, and investors love dashboards, because a dashboard presents the most pertinent information in the most easy-to-digest format possible.


When you know how your marketing campaign is proceeding, you can make improvements based on data, not on gut feeling.

Basic dashboard

one overview page of main metrics
  • Basic metrics
  • Automatic report setup (weekly mail)
  • Standard design

Semi-custom dashboard

with extra pages and overviews
2300,- *Set-up fee
  • Everything from Basic
  • Styling is based on your brand
  • 3 pages in total
  • Monthly deep-dive from our specialist
  • 3 custom metrics of choice
  • Custom data source connections

Custom dashboard

a killer dashboard tailor-made for you
4600,- *Set-up fee
  • Everything from Semi-Custom
  • 5 pages in total
  • Weekly deep-dive from our specialist
  • Monthly management meeting for input on KPI & metrics performance
  • BI Specialist session on-site
  • Full flexibility on customization and always on approach for fixes

Let's get you easy access to actionable insights

Fill out the form if you want to get started with a dashboard. Not ready to make your choice? Give us a call on +31 63 04 146 86 for some personal advice or to find out what’s possible for you.

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