SEO Scan

Not getting any traffic to your website?

You want to rank higher on Google and boost more traffic to your website?

Let us scan your website and you will get a data-driven opinion by our SEO experts. You will end up with a pragmatic action plan how to get started on the right SEO-path. You will know how to improve the visibility of your business. Also, based on the data we’ll give you a list of actionables your team can work on to start attracting that free organic traffic that fuels your growth even further. We’ll teach you how to SEO like a boss!

SEO is not a black box

‘SEO is such a black box, how can I improve it?’ Almost every client we work with is hesitant on start working on that big hairy audacious subject called SEO. It’s technical, it’s nerdy, it sure is difficult but hey, that’s what we’re good at.

In the end of the day, being seen on the relevant search queries is still crucial. With a good SEO strategy you can target that audience that is looking for what you have to offer. We will make sure that your business will rank higher on Google.

What you get out of a SEO Scan:

  • A data-driven opinion by our SEO experts on your SEO pain (strategic ideas, backlink strategy, technical SEO, semantic and content ideas)
  • A Direct Impact & Feasibility Matrix with an overview of your actions you need to take!
  • A pragmatic action plan to get you started ASAP on where to improve in your business and where and how to get more insights & actionable data.
  • Follow up by phone and email. We make sure our advice is understandable and actionable. No overly technical mumbo jumbo, just plain and clear advice on what you can do today.
Direct Impact SEO san

SEO Scan process:

Gather data

We’ll scan your data, online channels, relevant dashboards, markets, competition and talk to the most important stakeholders.

Create insights

Do relevant research across all touch points and areas (internal, competitor, search engine, trend and sources to establish authenticity.


We’ll prioritize all action items on impact & necessary resources.

Strategy & design

We’ll create a pragmatic roadmap so you’ll have overview, insights & perspective on all necessary actions.

Next steps

Time for action.

Sneak preview SEO scan:

Get your SEO Scan

SEO Scan
  • You want to be visible and grow your organic traffic
  • You want to reach your target audience through search engines
  • We'll show you how to rank higher on Google.

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