Recruitment Marketing Automation Scan

You want...

…insights in your email marketing setup, tracking, performance, and potential improvement points to ensure you fully use the power of email marketing.

For who:

  • Recruitment and staffing companies
  • Recruitment departments within direct employers

What you get:

  • In-depth feedback on your current set-up
  • Analysis of your current flows and email marketing activities
  • Data-driven opinion of your tagging
  • A Direct Impact feasibility matrix to help you understand your priorities
  • A pragmatic action plan to get you started ASAP
  • Follow-up by email, phone, video call – whatever you prefer

What do we need from you?

  • Access to all relevant sources and tools (e.g analytical and reporting tools, email marketing tool and your ATS/CRM)
  • KPI and metrics
    Describe your pain points, if you recognize any prior the audit
  • Success factors defined by your company or department
  • Consultation over the phone and/or video conferencing

Price tag:

  • €750

Scan process:

Gather data

We will scan your tooling and connection set-up, your email templates, copy, flows, tags and results.

Create insights

Our experts will analyze your data and documents and turn it into actionable insights.


We list and prioritize action items based on impact and feasibility.

Strategy & design

We create a pragmatic roadmap tailored for your business, so you have an overview, insights, and perspective on all necessary actions.

Next steps

Time for action.

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