Grow your business with digital marketing

Grow your business with online marketing

Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing. When you get down to it, digital marketing is simply marketing. 

The benefits of using online marketing

  • More visitors, sales and leads
  • Low operational costs compared to traditional marketing
  • Advanced measuring and tracking possibilities
  • Accurate targeting based on audience, keywords and demographics
  • Ability to market your products and services globally
  • Data collection for automation and personalization
  • You only pay for actual clicks: wasting money becomes nearly impossible
  • Easy tweaking to your marketing campaigns
  • Time-effective and 24/7 marketing


At Direct Impact we understand that your online marketing efforts should be so much more than running your campaigns, so we made sure we’ll offer you a full service experience. Our marketeers will design, code, run and program any campaign in no-time, regardless your marketing tool. SEA, SEO, Social? At Direct Impact, we do it all! 


We plan and prioritize your marketing activities based on technical improvements and commercial value.


We design, code and build your campaigns. Always in line with the company's visual identity.


We analyse your marketing results and keep track on user behaviour.


We report results in a structured and consistent way.


Succesfull test completed? We implement the changes right away.

By listening, marketing will re-learn how to talk.

David Weinberger

Direct Impact: your MarTech specialist

Our statement is bold: we increase conversions in 30 days. How? By being innovative and data-driven. We start collecting where traditional online marketing agencies are still creating. Great ideas are gold, pragmatic (and automated) data is platinum. Our online marketing services for e-commerce are not only insanely data-focussed, they’re also highly customer focussed. Catchy online campaigns with guaranteed results? We got you.

Direct Impact online marketing services

Online marketing setup

Setup of your online marketing campaigns
One time
  • Research on keywords and audiences
  • Setup of campaigns across all channels
  • Implementation of tracking

Online marketing monthly

Management, optimization and reporting
  • Continuous optimization on existing campaigns
  • Expand campaigns based on reseach
  • Consistent reporting on online performance

Online marketing strategy

Boost your digital strategy
One time
  • Full research on your currect status
  • Strategy session with our digital experts​
  • Report and presentation

Let's grow your business ..

Get your growth marketing channels ready, optimize the customer journey and start increasing your conversions. Rather discuss the possibilities right away? Give us a call +31 63 04 146 86

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