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Let automation do the marketing work for you.


‘I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.’

Most of us know this quote from Steve Jobs, but not a lot of organizations dare to act that way. When it comes to Marketing Automation, we still see companies fiddling around in manual and time-consuming processes that have zero to little additional value. If you want to scale your company, you have to be lazy at times, and let marketing automation do the work for you.

Marketing Automation - Direct Impact

Dare to be lazy at times

Marketing automation helps you scale processes and campaigns so you can reach more people, with less effort. Especially when your company is growing fast, using automation tooling to quickly scale, segment and reach different segments of customers is crucial. You want to write out and design over a hundred email flows manually? Or let the magic of Direct Impact and Martech do the work for you? Stop wasting time in repetitive tasks that won’t make your marketing more efficient, smart nor profitable.


From a tool setup to automating your CRM

With our team of Martech specialists we can make Marketing Automation work for you in many ways. Starting from a straightforward tool setup, from Google Tag Manager to AutoPilot, to rethink your entire Software set-up. It’s up to you!  We are the Marketing tech geeks that are here to help you out. We make a bespoke offer for you based on the challenges you face.


Gather Analyze Data - Marketing Automation

1. Gather & Analyze Data

Data analysis enables us to pinpoint your specific growth opportunities.

Strategy Design - Marketing Automation

2. Strategy & Design

We create automation strategies & designs backed by data.

Value Prioritization - Marketing Automation

3. Value Prioritization

We prioritize the projects and tactics that bring you the most revenue & efficiency gains.

Execution - Marketing Automation

4. Execution

Our hands-on Impact Squad works with you to ensure proper execution, while training your team.

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