Marketing Automation

Marketing automation brings efficiency and effectiveness

Personalised content and email campaigns, nurturing leads, finding new customers, re-engaging past shoppers, easily manageable workflows… Are any of these on your plan for this year? Then marketing automation is a perfect match for you.

When is it the right time for me to consider marketing automation?

Great question! Just be honest and answer these followings:

  • Do you know how to identify, track and, engage your potential shoppers online?
  • Take a list of your customers. Can you set priority based on what are the chances they will proceed to buy your product?
  • Do you work with lead-scoring?
  • Can you measure ROI of your marketing campaigns?

Did you answer everything with ‘yes’? Congrats, you probably already work with an automation tool – if you do this manually, all our respect!

If your answer is ‘no’ , probably we should chat 😉

What we can help you with?

  • Scoping if it makes sense for you to use marketing automation
  • Tooling based on your business needs and requirements
  • Implementation and integration
  • Designing and testing flows
  • Next-level personalization for your emails
  • Optimisation, strategy, testing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Training for you and your team so you stay in charge if you want


Wait, you already have a marketing automation tool but you’re unsure if you use it to its maximum?

We developed a cool product, called Direct Impact Scan®. It means we deep-dive into your account and identify your potential opportunities in marketing automation

Marketing Automation - Direct Impact

Companies we've automated:


Gather Analyze Data - Marketing Automation

1. Gather & Analyze Data

Data analysis enables us to pinpoint your specific growth opportunities.

Strategy Design - Marketing Automation

2. Strategy & Design

We create automation strategies & designs backed by data.

Value Prioritization - Marketing Automation

3. Value Prioritization

We prioritize the projects and tactics that bring you the most revenue & efficiency gains.

Execution - Marketing Automation

4. Execution

Our hands-on Impact Squad works with you to ensure proper execution, while training your team.

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