Growth Marketing

So much more than spending your budget on Google.

Growth Marketing is a vital part of reaching your e-commerce goals. If you want to start boosting conversions, spending each euro wisely is crucial with a capital C. Too often we see companies downplaying paid search as something that if you just higher the bids, the sales will go up. Wrong! How do we reach, engage and convert the audiences through smart and efficient advertising in the right channel? That is what Growth Marketing should be all about!

From SEA, Affiliate, Display to Social, we own every paid channel

Our senior experts in our agency team all have a specialism in one or more paid search channels. Whether you want to set up good old SEA, start with shopping ads or try new paid marketing channels like Display, Remarketing, Online Video or Facebook ads, we got a specialist for you. 


No stand-alone approach, integrate it in your strategy!

We often see Growth Marketing being approached with stand-alone channels with their own ROAS targets. Our approach is fundamentally different. You get the most out of your Growth marketing if you integrate all channels within your marketing strategy: design good landing pages, write engaging copy, build UX design that works. Since we are the agency that can do that for you, we see that paid marketing channels are outperforming other agencies.


Learn - Gather Assumptions - Growth Hacking

1. Overview

First we create overview of resources, running projects and perform funnel analyses.

Measure - Prepare Setup - Growth Hacking

2. Insight & Perspective

Next we identify opportunities to give Sales too much work by tapping into valuable Customer Journey touchpoints.

3. Build, Measure, Learn

Then we focus on high impact opportunities to accelerate growth. We continuously run experiments to boost growth and to add new countries.

4. Incremental Growth

Growth Marketing is a process of continuous improvement. We keep experimenting to add new target audiences & services to push your company to the next level.

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