Growth Marketing

So. You want to grow?

Off course you do. However, wanting to grow and ready to grow are 2 different things. We’ve developed some products to help you out in both scenario’s:

Not yet ready to grow

  • Direct Impact Scan® – We’ll define your growth potential and define clear actions to get it done;
  • BaMa scan – We’ll define the business attractiveness and market attractiveness for your product / service;
  • Define growth experiments; 
  • Run growth experiments; 

Accelerate growth

  • Improve touchpoints in your customer or candidate journey;
  • Expand into new channels;
  • Boost existing channels;
  • Setup campaigns; 
  • Run campaigns;
  • Content marketing; 


Learn - Gather Assumptions - Growth Hacking

1. Overview

First we create overview of resources, running projects and perform funnel analyses.

Measure - Prepare Setup - Growth Hacking

2. Insight & Perspective

Next we identify opportunities to give Sales too much work by tapping into valuable Customer Journey touchpoints.

3. Build, Measure, Learn

Then we focus on high impact opportunities to accelerate growth. We continuously run experiments to boost growth and to add new countries.

4. Incremental Growth

Growth Marketing is a process of continuous improvement. We keep experimenting to add new target audiences & services to push your company to the next level.


Accelerated growth at:

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