Funnel Optimization

There's money falling out of your pocket

Wasting money due to sloppy Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) analysis is very common but also preventable. Identifying leaks in your funnel where you are losing customers is something we do best. Our funnel approach doesn’t stop at pinpointing flaws in your current funnel, we prioritize actions to take to increase conversions.



Conversion Rate Optimization CRO & AB testing - Direct Impact

Conversion killers are everywhere

Conversion killers in your funnel are like mosquitoes in a hot summer evening, they are everywhere. Only this time, you don’t even notice them. Whether it’s the navigation, checkout, the card or the PDP, in every step of the customer funnel lousy UX design or copy can be a major turn-off for the visitor.  Did you know that only through design improvements conversion can increase by 35% in the checkout?


Not impressed? See the proof in numbers!

Our experienced CRO specialists’ will take you along with a solid tracking base for CRO. Each part of the funnel will be taken care of: from AB testing, funnel optimization, touchpoint improvements to design improvements. And we’ll only implement design improvements if they are backed up by data that confirms our hypothesis.  


Gather Data - Conversion Rate Optimization

1. Gather Data

Heat maps, recordings, and user flows provide a clear view into how visitors use your site.

2. Create Insights

Our team analyzes the data to build deep insights into where your funnel makes money.

3. Execution

We iterate ideas internally, then present you with a visualization of the funnel.

4. Keep Testing

We continue AB testing to keep boosting conversion rates and teach you how to do it yourself.

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