Direct Impact Business Scan®

You want...

… your growth potential defined

For who:

  • Start-ups
  • Scale-ups
  • Departments within corporates

What you get:

  • Research
  • A data driven opinion
  • A Direct Impact & Feasibility Matrix with overview on your priorities
  • A pragmatic action plan to get you started ASAP
  • Follow up by phone and email

What do we need from you?

  • Access to all relevant data sources
  • Your expectations and desired output
  • Critical success factors defined by you
  • KPI & metrics
  • Interviews by phone or face to face
  • Consult over the phone or face to face

Price tag:


Business scan process:

Gather data

We’ll scan your data, online channels, relevant dashboards, markets, competition and talk to the most important stakeholders.

Create insights

Our team analyzes your data to build deep insights into where your funnel makes—or leaks—money. All data will be turned into actionable insights.


We’ll prioritize all action items on impact & necessary resources.

Strategy & design

We’ll create a pragmatic roadmap so you’ll have overview, insights & perspective on all necessary actions.

Next steps

Setup impact squad and get (sh)it done.

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Direct Impact Business Scans conducted:

Pro's & con's

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