Business Intelligence

Data driven decisions rule, not opinions

All the time we listen to entrepreneurs sharing frustrations about opinion-based debates over not having the data they need. How amazing would it be to skip opinions and make decisions on reliable data?

Get the data and insights you need

If it were easy, we wouldn’t be here. Analytics tools have different syntax, data schemas, and nuances no one will tell you about, so getting them set up correctly is never as easy as the sales rep says.

Look into the past to predict the future

Leverage our experienced team to support your dev team or to do the analytics integrations for you, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Segment and more. Then we can forecast and make predictions with high-quality data. What will you do with all your extra free time?

Our Business Intelligence products:

Reporting audit & decision support

Gain confidence in your business strategy, marketing efforts, marketing tools, and overall direction.

Reporting & Dashboards

We’ll build out your dashboards and show you how to get to insights quickly on your own. They will clearly highlight conclusions and lead to actions.

Tracking setup and data implementation

To level up your marketing strategy, we implement and integrate analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, pixels etc.

Team Training & Analytics Support

Gain solid understanding of how the data is collected, processed, and visualized. You’ll know exactly how to use it to make your KPI grow.

Our business intelligence cases

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