Business Intelligence

It all starts with data

Making data-driven decisions may sound easy, but it isn’t. Getting the right data on the shelves is square one, interpreting them and making strategic action-based plans, that’s where Business Intelligence becomes BI with capital letters. And that’s where Direct Impact comes in making data-driven decision making look easy to you.

More than just providing you with numbers

Business Intelligence at Direct Impact doesn’t take the traditional route of BI-consulting of data analyses that more confuses you than clarifies. No, we take into account the data savviness of your company, we guide help you throughout each step.

Use data to carve out a future strategy

Use our knowledge to set up analytics integrations for you. Or go a step further and we’ll arrange you top notch data dashboarding so you have all relevant metrics in one screen. Then we can forecast and make predictions with high-quality data. What will you do with all your extra free time?

How Business Intelligence works for you:

Decision support and insight generation

Is all pile of data your company is sitting on understandable and reliable? Is there one way of reporting throught the business? We help you get the gold out of the data.

Reporting & Dashboards

The main commercial take-aways always within eyesight? We set up dashboards that focus on actionable insights, in stead of data crunching.

Tracking setup & data implementation

Are your webanalytics tools set-up properly? We set up Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio up for you.

Data Benchmarking

How is your company dealing with vs the market standard? What are the pitfalls in your BI environment that are causing impediments for growth?

We made business intelligence work for:

Products of Business Intelligence

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