Started simplifying parcel shipping in NL, launch in the UK

Assignment is a company that helps merchants (e-commerce and marketplace) ship parcels and letters. The company was seeing success in the Netherlands, but faced challenges in terms of internationalisation. They weren’t active yet in the United Kingdom and were unsure whether there would be a market there.

Challenge: to validate business and market attractiveness in the UK to expand internationally. Screenshot

What we did

Direct Impact helped to do the following:

Identify target audiences

We ran multiple experiments and campaigns to identify potential customers.

Market scan

Further, we did a comprehensive scan of the competitive market to create insight and a roadmap for taking the business to the UK.


Based on the experiments, campaigns & market scan we built and refined customer personas.

Re-build website

Additionally, the website was rebuilt to improve lead generation and sales.

Analytics and Metrics - Direct Impact

Impact we made

Went live in UK

New website and new proposition were launched in the United Kingdom.

Gathered actionable insights

The experiments, campaigns and the market scan provided valuable and actionable insights.

Altered strategy

Based on the insights, the product strategy and focus were changed based on the insights.

New customers

By learning more about potential customers through rapid experimentation, we generated a lot of new customers. Story


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