Improve and implement sales and marketing automation activities


Red je Pakketje is leveling up package delivery service in the Netherlands. Combining with how easy and fun it is to order online nowadays, their team is aimed to have the same level of service when it comes to delivery. Red je Pakketje offers convenience. The driver is on the sidewalk when you are at home and not ‘somewhere between 12:00 and 18:00’. 

What we did

We met at the Red je Pakketje office to have a conversation with the team about what improvements do they miss from their current sales and marketing automation system, HubSpot. Red je Pakketje works with several custom values from API-generated codes to sandbox environment logins. Based on the packages, they work with different sales pipelines in their CRM system. At this stage, there is a sales automation tool implemented but it is not being used to its maximal value. Examples of impact we made:

1. Implemented an automation tool for marketing activities

Initial problem:

The sales automation tool Red je Pakketje used is focusing on sales activities. Meaning you can automate reminders, quotas for contracts, but not the actual email marketing flows they use for several purposes. These flows include account updates depending on the deal stage a user has, nurture campaign emails, and customer success activities.


We selected an implemented Autopilot, a tool for marketing automation activities, and connected it to the CRM system. We also set up different sales automation flows for deal stage updates and reminders. We decided to choose Autopilot because of the features they offer, ease of use, and last but not least, pricing.


The collaboration between sales and marketing is essential in several cases, such as lead nurturing. By implementing a marketing automation tool that can be beneficial for the sales team as well makes both aspects more efficient.

2. Designed separate marketing automation flows based on the different pipelines

Initial problem:

Working with multiple pipelines can be confusing and time-consuming without marketing automation. In addition to that, the follow-up emails per pipelines are not automated and there are several custom values that need to be typed manually in the emails.


We created and tested three different marketing automation flows aligned with the different pipelines of Red je Pakketje. Within the automation tool, we adjusted the custom values and connected those with the CRM system. These values can be used in both email personalization and as trigger actions to start automation flows.


By creating separate workflows for the different pipelines, each of these can have its own strategy and purpose. The creation of custom values in the marketing automation tool makes it possible to use several Red je Pakketje- specific fields in emails and workflows.

3. Created specific automation flow for event participation

Initial problem:

Things can happen on short notice. Just like in this case, we had to draft and test an automation flow for an event and have it up and running.


We created a specific automation flow and ensured that everyone who fills out the form at the event enters the flow automatically and receives the follow-up emails.


Attending events and fairs are still popular to collect leads by asking attendees to sign up when they like a product. The dynamic of these leads are different most of the time, and it requires different follow-up strategies.


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