Experiments, growth & foundation in Eindhoven


The SaaS scale-up Expivi from Eindhoven brings the “in store” experience to online shopping with a unique 3D CPQ solution. 

As Expivi raised millions from investors, their number one goal became to validate & scale volume across all marketing channels and further build their solution to match the demand of the market.

For this they needed to extend their team with experienced growth hackers from Direct Impact to help guide, implement and scale their company towards a new funding round.

What we did

  • Created a pragmatic growth marketing plan
  • Set up an agile way of working within the marketing department
  • Build landing pages for marketing campaigns
  • Experimented across multiple channels
  • Scaled up Google Ads performance
  • Implemented multi-language marketing automation workflows in Hubspot 
  • Created a performance dashboard in Hubspot

Impact we made

  • Provided structure and transparency in marketing operations
  • Identified scalable product-market combinations
  • Boosted the conversion rates on the website
  • Boosted the volume towards the website
  • Provided insight into the full funnel performance


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