Bosch washing machines as a Service


BlueMovement is a startup owned by Bosch that offers washing machine and dryer subscriptions. The startup enables people to wash with a high-tech appliance from €16,99 / month. By extending the lifetime of laundry appliances they strive to become a fully circular organization.

The company was seeing growth in the Netherlands, but this needed to increase – not only to accommodate the expanding team but also due to the increasing competitiveness of the market.

Challenge: increase growth of subscriptions and revenue

What we did

Direct Impact helped BlueMovement to do the following:

Identify target audiences

We ran multiple experiments and campaigns to identify potential customers.

Growth experiments in multiple channels

Furthermore, we set up and ran growth experiments across multiple channels to identify & hone in on new channels to grow the company.

Facebook Ads

Learnings about the target audiences and growth experiments were used to drive traffic and conversions through running multiple Facebook Ad campaigns.

Impact we made

Gathered actionable insights

The growth experiments provided valuable and actionable insights into the target audiences.

New growth channels

Through rapid experimentation across multiple new channels we identified new marketing channels for BlueMovement to use to grow further.

Increased # subcriptions

The Facebook campaigns and growth experiments resulted into a growth of number of subscriptions & revenue.


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