Boost app performance: drive traffic, increase conversions, applications and active users.


DoToo is a company that offers convenient solutions for event managers, coordinators and organizers that directly connect with event participants. The company enables its users to use an all-in-one app to plan, organize and share daily activities, and engage with users.

The organization was seeing growth in the Netherlands, but it had to increase more rapidly – due to the nature of the app and its capabilities, it was important to get more users using the app for further development of the software and business.

Challenge: drive traffic, increase conversions, applications and active users.

What we did

Direct Impact helped DoToo to do the following:

Identify target audiences

We did qualitative research for DoToo to understand and identify primary, secondary and tertiary target audiences, including multiple experiments and campaigns to find the right approach.

Create and Design Landing Pages

Established and designed landing pages for DoToo’s main business purpose of gaining traction and increasing conversions to ensure users have easy access to the platform and start using the app.

Growth experiments in multiple channels

Set up and executed growth experiments across various channels to identify & hone in on new channels to grow the company.


Plan and execute an acquisition and improvement strategy with event managers that are using LinkedIn that tested out and are using DoToo App as means of networking, awareness and app development to ensure further business growth.

Facebook Ads

Data obtained about the target audiences and growth experiments were used to drive traffic and conversions through running multiple Facebook Ad campaigns.

Impact we made

Gathered actionable insights

The growth experiments provided valuable and actionable insights into the target audiences allowing continuous improvements for the website and software.

Designed cross-channel acquisition strategy

Through several touchpoints we were able to increase traffic, user activity and engagement to use DoToo and increase its awareness.

New growth channels

Through rapid experimentation across multiple new channels we identified new marketing channels for DoToo to use to grow further.

Increased % of users

Both Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns, and growth experiments resulted in growth of number of users that help shape the business further.


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