Building a digital foundation for growth


Techsharks is a Recruitment company which specializes in the process industry, active since 2002. They provide mechanics, engineers, operators & more to companies such as Perfetti van Melle (Mentos, & Fruitella), Mars, & Heineken. 

Techsharks wanted to grow their company in a scaleable, digital way. To move faster, more data-driven & more efficient. 

What we delivered

Direct Impact supplied immediate access to an online marketing team

  • An Online Marketeer
  • A Marketing Automation Specialist
  • One day on location Digital Marketing Manager
  • A Business Intelligence Specialist

Setup structure for online marketing, created and ran campaigns on various marketing channels

  • Indeed, Facebook, Google, Instagram
  • Created plan of approach to redesign website
  • Able to share knowledge and valuable input on what is necessary on a recruitment website in 2020
  • Implemented multi-poster for vacancies
  • Allowing Techsharks to push applications from their Applicant Tracking System automatically to over 45 job boards
  • Created dashboard and reporting on KPI & metrics
  • Gaining insight on the business in a concrete and comprehensible way, using data-driven insights to determine next steps to make impact.
  • Helped on location to introduce and facilitate the digital way of working at Techsharks
  • Created a blueprint for growth & automation team including the hiring process.

Impact we made

  • Day to day assistance in marketing operations across the board​.
  • Increased efficiency through marketing automation
  • Ran successful Online campaigns, increasing the number of applicants
  • Inspired the rest of the organization with way of working


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