Recruitment marketing in the offshore and onshore industry


Redwave is the secondment specialist for technical work in the offshore and onshore industry. As a technical secondment specialist in the offshore and onshore industry, Redwave takes the search for the best candidates out of your hands.

Nowadays the competition in the recruitment industry is fierce. Redwave has asked to increase its reach by adding social media channels for certain vacancies.

What we did

Once the Facebook Pixel had been implemented, we were able to set up a thorough campaign. Initially we started to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. We later expanded this by adding LinkedIn as a channel. 

  1. Setup the right audience for both Instagram and Facebook

Initial problem: Redwave focuses on a niche market, something that happens a lot within recruitment. This means that it is all the more important to set up the right audiences.

Deliverable: A campaign structure focused on reaching the best candidates.

Benefits: There is no best campaign structure. It depends on the goal you want to achieve. For Redwave this means: finding potential candidates for the vacancy in the right way. With this we’ve used Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin as fully-fledged channels and thus improved the candidate journey.

  1. Setup and manage campaigns on Social Media

Initial problem: As mentioned earlier, we were asked to  increase Redwave’s reach by adding social media channels for certain vacancies.

Deliverable: For each channel we’ve set up a tactical plan to take the right approach given the target. This means that we set up the campaigns in such a way that we get the most out of them.  

Benefits: This has several advantages. On the one hand, we have set a ‘standard’ in terms of campaign structure. This campaign structure can be reused for other campaigns with similar purposes. On the other hand, it has provided insights that can be used for future channel selection decisions. 

Impact we made

  • A huge amount of potential candidates for their vacancies 
  • Data & insights in order to improve their campaign performance and to set a ‘benchmark’


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