Improve candidate experience funnel and employer brand


Motiv is a top level ICT security firm on a mission to make The Netherlands digitally safe. They are unique in the market because they are the only ICT Security company of this size that has and sources all her servers and staff in The Netherlands. This means no data leaving the country. To provide the services they do, scarce talent has to be sourced. Doing this with traditional recruitment techniques alone is insufficient. They challenged us with improving their candidate experience funnel and employer brand for both the main business and their Motiv Academy.

What we did

We designed and managed banner campaigns on Google and Facebook to recruit the right kind of visitors for the inhouse events at Motiv Academy. During these inhouse days visitors had the opportunity to tour around the Motiv Campus and see several presentations about their paid traineeships. Three examples of the impact we had are:

Improvement in hiring funnel & year round campaign strategy

Initial problem: Initially, there was no structural campaign strategy being applied and Motiv Academy was struggling to fill up their inhouse days with the right grade and volume of people. Also, conversion in the recruitment funnel for their traineeships (average over organic & campaigns) was 17,5 leads : 1 hire.

Deliverable: We designed and managed a year round awareness strategy and spiked conversions with activation (banner) campaigns on Google and Facebook a month prior to every inhouse day. We also optimized the traineeship recruitment funnel from 17,5 : 1 hire to 9 leads : 1 hire.

Benefits: the benefit of this approach has been an improved efficiency in campaign spendings and less last minute struggles filling up inhouse day classes.

Implementation & alignment of Employer Branding

Initial problem: The candidate experience was no longer aligned with the employer brand and not converting optimally.

Deliverable: We ran A/B tests on different writing styles and pages to measure what activated our target audience the best. We combined these measurements with 2 research reports (internal Employer Branding research & external target audience research) to design an entirely new recruitment website & candidate experience. This also included improvements in the onboarding procedure.

Benefits: Aligning writing styles and the recruitment with the target audience increases conversion. A career site can be a huge asset in presenting your Employer Brand to the world. Training your Employer Brand muscle is a longterm effort but doing it right will result in a steep decline in hiring cost and higher employer loyalty (and thus lower ‘team churn’). 

Can you see your company investing in longterm benefits like Motiv does?

Setting up measurements & CRO

Initial problem: Websites were improperly measured, making conversion optimization difficult.

Deliverable: We properly setup relevant page measurements and used data to determine a baseline at our arrival and improvements after our impact.

Benefits: Setting up website measurements that are relevant for your company helps you to see where you were blind before. When (and only when) interpreted properly, this kind of data can forever silence speculations about the success of your collective initiatives.

Impact we made

  • Improvement of 49% in hiring funnel
  • Implementation & alignment of Employer Branding
  • Renewed career site & candidate experience
  • Year round campaigning strategy


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