Career Control

Building a digital foundation for growth


Career Control is a recruitment agency which has grown rapidly the past 15 years. They wish to speed up the long winded application process by keeping their focus on the wishes of the talent. Career Control does a fantastic job in building strong long-term relationships with their customers. However, today’s rapidly evolving technology world is demanding a more data-driven organization to further scale and improve turnover, profits and customer satisfaction. That is why they would like some help, inspiration and guidance in further automating their sales, marketing & recruitment tools, processes and skills.

What we did

  • Setup structure for growth marketing, created and ran campaigns on various channels
  • Setup marketing automation structure & tools
  • Created plan of approach to redesign website
  • Implemented multi-poster for vacancies
  • Created dashboard and reporting on KPI & metrics
  • Created blueprint for growth & automation team and guided hiring + onboarding process

Impact we made

  • Hired Marketing Automation expert
  • Boosted inflow in cv’s with growth marketing
  • Setup tooling for scalable growth
  • Created actionable insights and helped make data driven decisions


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