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“Help & inspire people to take action in reaching their goals"

We are Direct Impact

We love helping and inspiring people to take action in reaching their goals. So we build awesome Marketing Tech stuff and showing people how to use it. And then we help people capture the value themselves so they can scale their companies on their own. 

• We hate corporate bullshit – less talk, more do

• We dislike dishonesty – open, transparant, honest and direct

• We despise lazyness – get shit done!

Agency jobs

Work at our agency for multiple clients. This is where our Impact Squads work on the most challenging projects

Talent pool

Are you a freelancer looking for work? We got it! Join our talent pool to get acces to the best jobs in Marketing Tech.

Interim jobs

Work at one of our clients. Become part of a customer team. Deep dive into their cultural DNA, understand their business from A-Z, solve problems and add value.

Young talent? Join our academy

Enroll to our academy program and up your game fast!

This will be your life

Core Values

"No matter what you do or where you work, you will uphold these core values"

team at the desk

Be Nice

Help each other, work together.

Be Bold

Say it like it is. No cooperate bullshit.

Get Shit Done

Find the core of the problem before you start. Find a pragmatic solution to help the customer fast. That is how you get shit done.

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