What others have to say about us

Jeroen van de Grint

Jeffrey is without a doubt one of the most skilled people I ever met regarding product management, e-commerce and retailing. [...] Besides being result driven and able to deliver on challenging targets, Jeffrey’s strength lies in achieving unity in a team and having a keen eye for personal growth of his team members.

Jeroen van de Grint

Dax Denneboom

Jeffrey has the ability to combine soft people skills and hard analytical data. [...] Jeffrey understands the e-commerce business drivers in-depth and knows where and how to act. I really enjoyed working with him.

Dax Denneboom

I know Vincent as an open-minded, result driven and above all innovative person. During the two years we did business with each other Vincent was responsible for an enormous growth rate of our revenue [...] and profitability, which cannot be compared to any other partner I dealt with.

Aart Jonkers

Vincent is a reliable, motivated colleague and therefore a pleasure to work with. His keen insight into the market provides us with growing revenues for product groups [...] His motivation and dedication serves as an example to all of us.

Kevin Tholenaars

Jeffrey is honest, fun to work with and an inspiration for his surroundings. He has a thirst for knowledge and likes to share this knowledge with others.

Monique Methorst

Jeffrey was a breath of fresh air at the company. By bringing enthusiasm, high market awareness and a can-do attitude, he made a difference of which the company benefited for years afterwards.

Arnoud Helmantel

Jeffrey is a fine person to work with. He has a fantastic helicopter view of projects and can communicate and work with all layers of an organisation.

Mark Jansen

Jeffrey is a man with a great E-commerce soul. He is able to react quickly on customer behaviour and finds a commercial solution that will increase sales directly.

Guido Willemsen

Vincent is a driven and smart individual. [...] A fine personality with good business insights.

Remko Piepers

Vincent is a thoughtful and present coworker. A real personality you can count on.

Bart Kuijpers

In short; Vincent is realistic, ambitious, a lover of challenges and thinks in solutions and co-operation. He's someone you love to do business with.

Edwin Meeuwsen

"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."

Vincent van de Poll - Co-founder


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