Growth Hacking

Find product market fit through data driven experimentation and validation of your business opportunities.

Growth Hacking: not just a bag of tricks

In fact, Growth Marketing involves systematic validations of your business’ most critical assumptions. By examining who your customer is, what their problems are and how your value proposition solves their problems we identify your growth potential.

The only winners are startups that learn faster than competitors

And how do you learn fast? By using rapid experimentation. After identifying the riskiest assumptions in your BMC model, e.g. “Is the problem you’re solving important for your target audience?”, you create, run and analyze experiments like a scientist.

How do you know or learn what causes progress?

If your business is growing, you have to know what caused growth. Using Lean Startup “innovation accounting” (Eric Ries) we know which experiments fail and which ones cause skyrocketing growth and should be followed up. Get ready to face the facts, adjust your product and marketing and make a profit.

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Learn - Gather Assumptions - Growth Hacking

1. Learn: Gather Assumptions

First we create an overview of the critical assumptions of your business to be (in)validated: power to the business model canvas.

Measure - Prepare Setup - Growth Hacking

2. Measure: Prepare Setup

Next our team lists key metrics and ensures solid tracking to prepare for rapid experimentation.

3. Build: Experimentation

Then we build and run lean experiments to (in)validate critical business assumptions, update your value proposition canvas and drive growth.

4. Repeat: Keep Testing

Growth Hacking is a process of continuous improvement. We keep experimenting to improve your offerings, so you can scale and beat your competition.

Pros & Cons

  • Learn what your riskiest assumptions are and learn how to test them
  • Based on experiment results, you have data backed proof of what to improve
  • We use direct communication to accelerate speed of improvement
  • Prepare to face the news when critical assumptions are proven to be wrong
  • For a startup to see positive change in progress, oftentimes culture changes are required to embrace Lean Startup principles


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