Growth Hacking.

  • Need to ramp up your turnover, profit or customer service?
  • Haven’t changed your way of working since the last time you used your NOKIA phone?
  • Looking for new customers across the border?

We make shit happen.

You want to improve your performance? We know what buttons need to be pushed. We’ll focus on the right technique, processes and people to get you into TURBO mode.

Scared or Alibaba will devour your business? Not sure if you need to beat them or join them? We will not only provide you with the answers suited for your business, we’ll also get it done. Just say the magic word.


Accelerate eCommerce Growth

  • Direct Impact from day 1
  • On the job coaching
  • Data-driven approach


Discover how product & market match

  • PMF is a feeling backed with data and information
  • Don't aim to be first to market, but to find PMF.
  • Silicon Valley style

startup coaching.

Get guidance

  • Length: 4 x 4 hours
  • Date: Flexible
  • Time: mornings, afternoons, evenings

sparring partner.

Bounce your ideas off us

  • Get you back on track
  • Release the brake and pedal to the metal
  • Clear vision and direction afterwards

a/b testing.

Stop speculating

  • Standing still = going backwards
  • A/B testing
  • Data-driven & customer-centered


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