The first European wide clothing subscription for kids and pregnant mothers.


Circos helps you save money, space, and fabric, while making sure your kids’ wardrobe is always up to date. Circos is the first European wide clothing subscription for kids and pregnant mothers. 

Circos is based in Amsterdam and the launch of Circos was also focused on the Dutch market. They asked us to guide them in the field of growth marketing: taking the first steps towards new customers.

What we did

In short, the most frequently asked question by startups is: provide us with new customers. In reality, it’s not that hard to acquire people, but to convert them. In addition to setting up a launch campaign, we helped Circos with a data-driven approach, a structured way of working and a piece of lean startup, in which aligning the product and website with the customer needs is part of the process. 

  1. Setup the launch campaign 

Initial problem: Circos had very limited reach and the brand was not known to their target group. There was no growth strategy to supply the Circos funnel with potential buyers. 

Deliverable: Set up a multichannel campaign to market Circos to the mass audience in order to boost the leadgen. 

Benefits: Setting up a campaign has several advantages. Initially you set up campaigns to boost the leadgen. It is also an effective way to learn who your target group is and what they need. By using an experiment driven approach, you generate a lot of data to align your product and communication with your target group and boost your growth.

  1. Improve the online journey of Circos

Initial problem: As mentioned earlier, the focus is often on acquiring customers. Especially in a start-up phase, the biggest challenge is often to get visitors to actually order.

Deliverable: Learning to understand the customer pains and gains and by extension lowering the threshold to place an initial order

Benefits: By engaging with your customers in a thorough way, analyzing behavioral website data and viewing recordings, you gain insights that will help you improve both your online journey and your product. You don’t know what’s stopping someone from buying until you ask them or collect quantitative data and draw the right conclusions.

  1. Setup a data driven way of working

Initial problem: In a startup phase you have to make a lot of decisions and set priorities. The problem is that the focus on growth takes a back seat. This creates a situation of “build, build and build” instead of “build, measure learn”.

Deliverable: Bringing the team together in an agile and data-driven working method in which the focus is on learning, improvement and growth.

Benefits: This approach led to a structural improvement in the way of working in order to grow the company. 

Impact we made

  • A well-filled online funnel of potential customers within the Circos target group to carry out experiments.
  • A drastic change in the onboarding strategy to increase conversion rates.
  • Guidance in the way the marketing team works


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