Scaling an international e-learning company


AIHR is a Rotterdam-based  e-learning company specialized in the field of Human Resources. They sell courses to learn HR employees how to apply data more efficiently and data driven organizational change.

With the platform completely online and having found product fit, their challenge was to scale the company and integrate their 3 seperate websites together. With their courses being available to everyone it meant they could serve everyone in every country, but focus was necessary. 

Direct Impact helped AIHR by providing 3 individuals who worked on Business Intelligence & Growth Marketing, in addition they coached and helped the organization to bring business focus.

“If every country can use our product, is everyone in the world our customer?”

What we did

  • Coached on the job to help create business focus and priorities.
  • Thoroughly tested & build a Facebook structure for acquisition
  • Restructured and refocused Google Adwords, bringing it to the next level
  • Implemented cross-domain tracking to create a comprehensive data pipeline of multiple websites. 
  • Opened several new channels for acquisition.

Impact we made

  • Helped make the marketing department at AIHR to be more focused 
  • Provided insight into the performance of all relevant AIHR domains.
  • Opened new channels outside of existing ones such as Reddit, Xing, Quora & Outbrain.
  • Provided insight into the performance of marketing channels.
  • Helped determine the most important regions & countries to focus on.


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