Plantsome: +95% sales & model for structural growth

About Plantsome

Plantsome is an e-Commerce company that sells plants online. Their mission is to make it easy obtain plants and take care of them. 

Plants are taken straight from the nursery and are freshly delivered to your doorstep. Moreover the service & caretaking app allows that anyone can buy and take care of their green friends. 

On top of that Plantsome also has a unique branding, they want to make plants not only easily available to everyone but also make it fun & personal.

Challenge: accelerate growth

Plantsome saw potential that was currently unused. They needed growth strategy and execution expertise to accelerate their growth further.

Solution: 4 growth projects

Plantsome decided to collaborate with Direct Impact to accelerate growth.

Together, they executed an extensive business maturity scan to detect which are the most promising areas of growth. 

The scan created clear insights that most growth could be realized by focusing on Growth & acquisition channels, conversion rate optimization and having an Analytics structure that supports in making business decisions.

Based on these findings, 4 project streams were started:

  1. Building a structured process for growth (House of Growth)
  2. Tech & A/B testing: focused on increasing conversion rate 
  3. Realizing growth by optimizing acquisition channels: a growth specialist from Direct Impact worked within the Plantsome team to implement growth strategies
  4. Mentoring on long term strategy and internationalisation: Vincent (co-founder of Direct Impact) still acts as mentor to audit and mirror activities with Axel

+95% growth in social advertising revenue

Challenge: There was a strategy present into the account that was performing decently but was hitting a plateau.

Solution: In several months we were able to scale the account in Facebook & Instagram, we created new campaigns, audiences & pushed new creatives. We used a structured approach based off important KPI’s.

Results: This approach led to +95% growth in revenue from the channel as well as learnings for the company.

Online marketing specialism brought inhouse

Challenge: There was a lack of general marketing expertise present, a new online marketeer was hired and our interim marketeer worked together with him.

Solution: Helped out with day to day operations, including SEA, (Business) strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization, Tracking, Analytics.

Results: Access to the wealth of knowledge from an agency through an interim marketeer. A large amount of advice, someone to spar with, keeping individuals within the company sharp with an outside perspective.

Brought, implemented & transferred a wealth of knowledge.

Challenge: Interim marketeers are not there to stay permanently, we at Direct Impact believe in being able to go to a company, create impact and transfer the knowledge.

Solution: Implemented structural processes and knowledge that can be used after the assignment is done. Such as playbooks & planning documents.

Results: Allowing inhouse people at the company to take over and continue the work of the interim marketeer. Consequently you retain the knowledge and process and are able to more forward.


  • +95% growth on Facebook & Instagram Through a structured approach
  • Day to day assistance in marketing operations across the board
  • Long term and high impact decisions are backup by an experienced mentor
  • Lasting learnings, processes & playbooks


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