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Afvalcontainer Holland is part of Spelt afvalinzameling. A healthy family business from Nieuwveen in South Holland that has a long tradition in waste collection. The company was founded in 1954 by Willem Pieter Spelt and has always remained in family hands.

Afvalcontainer Holland makes it easy for you as  a customer to rent a container online on their website

The challenge

How to increase conversions with 200%?

Afvalcontainer Holland wanted to drastically improve their website performance so we had to jointly face the challenge to increase conversion from 50 containers per week to 100 containers per week.

What we did

To reach this goal we helped them with a broad range of services within multiple teams of our agency. We helped Afvalcontainer Holland with the following:

Business Intelligence

We started off with deep diving into the business to find the problem. Therefore we used Business intelligence to get the needed insights. We installed Clarity, an all-in-one cloud based management information system and also created a dashboard to get actionable insights out of the data.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We decided to increase conversion through information. We created lots of informative content on how to rent a container and worked on internal link building so users can find the information they’re looking for. We also did a major haul in spelling and writing consisency to make sure all information is correct and up to date.

Website optimization

We did a complete overhaul of the website. We basically redesigned the whole thing. We created a new website structure and gave it a slick new styling so it matches with the Spelt  branding. We restructured all the landing pages to increase the conversion rate. We redesigned the pages from top to bottom. The most prominent change has been done to the top part of the page. Here we changed the “3 steps to rent a container” into a nice visual with USP’s and also the containers to rent above the fold. We also worked on the scaling of the page so the structure is kept. We improved the overall user experience to ensure users have easy access to the platform on any device and are able to find what they are looking for quickly. We also created a new test environment that enabled us to set up and execute A/B tests across the website.

Search engine optimization and advertising

We increased visibility on search engines (SEO) and increased the performance of search ads (SEA). We started with a massive keyword research in order to create informative web pages that answer customer related questions. We also made keyword structured landing pages: pages that have been structured on the basis of keywords. We decide on the most important keywords that fit together on one page and set these out in header-keywords and in-text keywords. We made sure that the website is fully optimized for search engines by working on both internal as external link building and technical SEO. To increase the performance of their search Ads we managed the account and campaign set-up and we installed Smart bidding. This resulted in a lower CPA and spend.

Impact we made

We have jointly generated some great results in a short period of time. We helped Spelt reach their goal by redesigning their entire website, increased organic visibity, improved the Google Ads results and boosted the conversion rate with 200%.

Cool facts:

  • Conversion rate doubled.
  • Twice as much visitors convert into buyers.
  • Organic growth has (almost) doubled.
  • The amount of search terms has tripled. 

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