Developing a marketing dashboard for one of the Big 4


Deloitte Netherlands provides audit & assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax & legal and related services to clients. Additionally, Deloitte is an industry leader in various domains such as data governance and cyber security. 

In order to maintain industry leadership in each of these domains, the Deloitte marketing department wanted to get pragmatic insight into the performance of associated articles. That is why they hired Direct Impact to resolve the following challenge:

“How can we integrate all the data from Deloitte’s online content channels in one easy to manage overview?”

What we did

  • Created a monthly and quarterly overview for all channel expenses and results.
  • Formatted the report into a standardized slidedeck so that is easily shareable.
  • Created an overview of all articles related to a knowledge domain.
  • Connected more than 10 different data sources into one dashboard.
  • Developed a standardized UTM protocol to track and associate articles to domains.

Impact we made

  • Helped make the marketing department at Deloitte more data-driven.
  • Provided insight into the performance of all relevant Deloitte knowledge domains.
  • Provided insight into the performance of domain-related articles.
  • Provided insight into the performance of marketing channels.
  • Eased the process of creating management reports.


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