Designing and developing a content platform for TOTO’s sports-betting platform


TOTO a dutch sports-betting platform which is part of the Nederlandse Loterij. The biggest dutch lottery and sportsbetting company. The TOTO website is designed and build to serve the best and fastest experience for sportsbetting, but is not suitable to serve news-items and sportsbetting related content to the consumers. A new platform had to be built, solely for this purpose. TOTO-EXTRA emerged!

What we did

  • We created the website TOTO-EXTRA, which serves as a content platform to provide the consumer with the latest news surrounding sport events, sportbetting tips and many more.
  • The website consists of a SEO optimized, fast loading, wordpress website, which is easy to manage and ranks very well in SEO.
  • The website is created in a runtime of only one month, and is in use for several years now.

Impact we made

  • We provided a more out-of-the-box solution, with implementing a content-platform on a subdomain, which has proven to be a very suitable solution.
  • With the project-runtime of only one month, we exceeded the expectations in getting the content-platform up and running fast.
  • We increased the revenue for the TOTO brand significantly from the first moment the platform went live.
  • We offered advertising space for the other Nederlandse Loterij brands, on the content platform.


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