Boost European online retail sales


Omron is a global innovation company founded in Japan, driven by social needs. The main goal is to improve the lives of individuals & contribute to a better society. In other words, they add value to the society through creating products and services which resolve societal issue’s. Take for example the Heartguide, a portable blood pressure measurement device, which made the list of the 100 best inventions of 2019. 

Omron needed help with boosting their online retail sales, however, they where unsure where to start. This is where we came into the picture. By running market scans & converting the insights into highly pragmatic advice, we increased their turnover & improved the relationship between vendors & retailers. 

What we did

  • Ran market scans, converted data & insights into pragmatic advice in the form of a presentation on EU board level
  • Scan quick wins and convert them into pragmatic next steps and discussion points

Impact we made

  • Our advice was implemented in several countries
  • Improved relationship between vendor & retailer
  • Increased turnover at retailers


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