Getting the best out of D2C for

Assignment has been a Dutch cookware brand since 1851. The past years, their “offline” process (wholesale and (r)etail) has been the main factor for growth. This means they are used to sell B2B and ship pallets or truckloads to a couple of warehouse and now need to rethink their entire chain and start shipping boxes to individuals. Their focus has always been to design innovative products for a fair price and exceed the expectations of its customers. It’s Direct Impacts’ mission to regenerate the focus based on the current challenges.


  • Become the flagship store for consumers to easily find and buy pans with an incredible customer experience.
  • Guiding BK to figure out how much potential the D2C channel has and what we need to do to unlock it.
  • Make room for improvement in marketing technology to make sure decisions are being made based on data.
  • Increasing their “online” brand awareness within the target audiences, especially in the younger audience.

What we did

  • We created and hired a complete “D2C” team for to make sure the right knowledge and people are there.
  • We definined the right international expansion strategy for
  • We’ve set up the entire growth marketing department.
  • We’ve implemented a new CMS, PIM and marketing stack.

Impact we made

Increased turnover

The turnover of increased with more than 100% once we started with our assignment. We aren’t finished yet, but it’s safe to say we’re doing an awesome job so far.

Increased conversion rate

We managed to realize a huge increase in conversion rates for We did this by improving the existing channels, optimizing the website and product information, performing A/B tests and making sure all offers are accurate.

New growth channels

Through rapid experimentation across multiple new channels we identified new marketing channels for to use to grow further.

New tools and systems in use

We’ve helped BK with selecting and using the right tools and systems to increase their online performance. This applies to systems such as CMS and PIM, but also to smaller tools such as Hotjar.


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