Analytics & Metrics

We help empower your organization by data, the backbone of every solid business strategy.

Data driven decisions rule, not opinions

All the time we listen to entrepreneurs sharing frustrations about opinion-based debates over not having the data they need. How amazing would it be to skip opinions and make decisions on reliable data?

Get the data and insights you need

If it were easy, we wouldn’t be here. Analytics tools have different syntax, data schemas, and nuances no one will tell you about, so getting them set up correctly is never as easy as the sales rep says.

Look into the past to predict the future

Leverage our experienced team to support your dev team or to do the analytics integrations for you, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Segment and more. Then we can forecast and make predictions with high-quality data. What will you do with all your extra free time?

Analytics and Metrics - Direct Impact

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Identify KPIs - Analytics & Metrics

1. Identify KPIs

We hone in on the metrics that matter for your business, throwing out what isn’t relevant.

Performance Mapping - Analytics & Metrics

2. Performance Mapping

We use our proprietary specification guide to analyze and map your entire platform’s performance.

Guided Implementation - Analytics & Metrics

3. Guided Implementation

We make sure that all departments are getting the data they need, and can use it whenever they want to make data driven decisions.

Collect Data Create Insights - Analytics & Metrics

4. Collect Data & Create Insights

Robust reports, dashboards, data analysis, and insights to your biggest questions. In other words, we drive your business forward.

Pros & Cons

  • No more discussions about reliability of website tracking and data
  • We'll tell you what needs to be set up using clear and direct communication
  • Collect more relevant data to create more relevant insights
  • You will have to face more brutal facts about customers, reflected in your reliable data
  • Get ready for arguments between your data analyst and your designer: which do you value more, branding or conversions?


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