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The best way to find out what your customer actually wants is through testing. Optimize your sales funnel through A/B testing.

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A/B testing is more than just comparing two designs, buttons, or pages. It’s about every choice you make on a platform that has an impact on the visitor. Constantly thinking about how to improve the chance that a visitor ends his journey with a bought product. But it’s also about proper coding that many parties lack to instantly implement it properly. And it’s about interpreting the data right so that you implement design changes based on data, not on gut-feeling. At Direct Impact we say, ‘Testing is a mindset’. Let us hand you a tip: Start A/B testing and never stop.
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Full service

Not yet an expert in the field of A/B testing? Don’t worry. At Direct Impact we do everything in the process of A/B testing for you. From setting up the design to tracking and reporting. We got it. But also if you have started A/B testing with a tool like Optimizely, we can speed up your testing capabilities by the support you need. We run tests at an unmatched pace so you can learn fast so that you can grow fast.


We set up and design an A/B test for you. Always in line with the company's visual identity.


We keep track of what users do on your website using Google Analytics and Tag Manager.


We prioritise your A/B testing backlog based on commercial value.


We repport to you it in a structured and consistent way.

Let's optimize your sales funnel with A/B testing

Fill out the form if you want to get started with an A/B testing project. Not ready for a full A/B testing trajectory? Give us a call on +31 63 04 146 86 for some personal advice or to find out what’s possible for you.

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