Start A/B testing!

If you stop testing, you stop learning.

A/B testing is more than just comparing two designs, buttons, or pages. It’s about every choice you make on a platform that has an impact on the visitor. Constantly thinking about how to improve the chance that a visitor ends his journey with a bought product. But it’s also about proper coding that many parties lack to instantly implement it properly. And it’s about interpreting the data right so that you implement design changes based on data, not on gut-feeling. At Direct Impact we say, ‘Testing is a mindset’.


Full service A/B Testing

At Direct Impact we do everything in the process of A/B testing for you: from setting up the designs, the tracking in Google Analytics and Tag Manager, prioritizing your A/B testing backlog based on commercial value and reporting it in a structured and consistent way. And all that, we do it at an unmatched pace. Because we work through the philosophy: if you stop testing, you stop learning as an organization.


Let us hand you a tip: Start A/B testing and never stop.


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Companies we have worked with

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Increase your revenue

By A/B testing you prevent your concepts and website from major flops!

Start at the top

Instead of at the bottom, start at the top by choosing the best features because of skilled A/B testing

Test, test, test, until you find what your customers want

Is testing over and over a bad thing when it ends up with the best results? NO

Data supports your choices

People disagree? Whatever! Your data speaks for itself, so let it determine your choices instead of the endless and useless discussions with designers and co-workers

Keep going forward

No more relapses, just continuous testing and planning to keep improve your website and keep everyone happy 🙂

Influence the decisions everyone makes within the company

If you’re ahead with testing, you’re the one that determines the course. So, stay on top of testing everything you’re planning on implementing!

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