10X Leads Workshop

Generating leads is essential for every business. But which strategies and channels do you pick out of numerous possibilities? Solution: our 10X Leads Workshop.

How to reach those prospects?!

So you have a cool product or service, but you struggle to find customers. A very common problem. Actually, most businesses fail because they can’t find a proper strategy to distribute their product. According to PayPal founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel it’s very likely that one channel is optimal for getting leads.

Probably some channels are saturated or overused in your industry (e.g. SEA & SEO) and hard to get value from. So how do you find the best channel for your business to generate leads and grow?

You CAN go your own way

Rather than going where everyone goes, you should test marketing channels that your competitors don’t use. That’s where the Bullseye Framework comes in: a Framework for testing 19 channels and identifying your optimal channel to focus on.

In this interactive workshop we introduce you to the Bullseye Framework and together we fill in a Bullseye Template. You walk out with strategies and a step by step framework to find out which traction channels work for your business.

Investment: € 99,- p.p. excl. VAT

Time: 13:00 – 14:45

Gain: a clear path to lead generation channels and finding focus

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Topics that are covered:

  • Introduction to the Bullseye Framework and the 19 traction channels
  • Step 1: Brainstorm on how to use each of the 19 channels
  • Step 2: Rank your channel strategies & your channels
  • Step 3: Prioritize your traction channels: Long shots, Potential & Inner Circle
  • Step 4: Create 3 experiments to test your 3 most promising traction channels (your Inner Circle)
  • Step 5: Focus on your Bullseye Channel for optimal lead gen & traction

Target audience

This workshop is meant for anyone experiencing difficulties with lead generation and getting traction for your business. Marketers and strategists who need a holistic approach for testing different marketing channels will become familiar with a very pragmatic framework to do so.

The interactive workshop consists of two 45-minute sections with a break in between. In advance, you have the opportunity of telling us about the problems your organization experiences with current marketing channels and lead gen.

Prepare to find those unicorns your competitors failed to consider.

Your trainer

Jeffrey Hamelink

Jeffrey started Direct Impact together with Vincent because they like building and improving stuff, helping it grow and sharing this experience with other people. He improves results by injecting startup DNA into your business, and inspires people to take action.

This ex-Coolblue and ex-Bol.com guru loves to challenge the status quo, but in a constructive way. He’s always developing, inspiring, helping, teaching, mentoring and coaching people to unlock their own full potential.

During the workshop, Jeffrey will show you how to use the Bullseye Framework and apply it to your business to get leads. You walk out with three promising traction channels to focus on, towards your Bullseye to explosive growth.


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