We build you a marketing race car and provide you with a driver

Direct Impact
We love building awesome Marketing Tech stuff and showing people how to use it. Helping people implement pragmatic solutions to boost conversions. Fast. And since we like to improve people just as much as we like to improve business results - we have both our agency, academy and staffing business units at your disposal to help you get (sh)it done.



From an audit on your Adwords account, to running complex ecommerce projects – we are doing (sh)it fast. Our dream team digs down to the core of your business to understand how to help and then changes stuff using top-notch martech tools to boost your online conversions within 30 days.


We got it. The very best in Martech. That rare breed of tech-obsessed marketing specialists, in all degrees of seniority. Looking for young talent? Got it. Senior experts? Got it. You need an entire team? Check. We got you covered in about every thinkable situation on the job market. 


Our academy covers the whole shebang for young talent to champion Martech. With our knowhow we accelerate personal and career growth, developing leadership skills and excite and support young talent to become a world dominator – in Martech that is.

Our scan finds answers to that effing difficult ‘what’s my business’s growth potential?’ question. And provides you with an impact feasibility matrix that tells you what you should do asap to generate impact, with regards to what your company is realistically capable of doing.

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You want an expert opinion on your online business based on data rather than gut feeling? You can get one. Our audit will state room for improvement boldly, based on clear, verifiable data. We gather all information, then generate insights and prioritize what’s needed to grow and which steps need to be taken in order to get shit done.

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All too often we see companies struggling with the right use of Marketing Automation tools, which is so damn important. Our Tool Setup checks whether you are using your tools to its full potential. From UTM tagging, to Google Ad Manager, to proper usage of Google Analytics, we can do a Tool Setup for any vital Marketing Automation tool. 

Scaling up your e-commerce activities without the right people in house is a recipe for disappointment. But sometimes, for whatever reason, your dream team isn’t fully there yet. We provide you full time interim professionals that know how to make a mark in a short matter of time. Cut the crap, no long-term strategy for the year 2040, our interim are trained to make a direct impact on your organization. The range covers the entire spectrum from operational roles like copywriters to email marketeers to strategic roles marketing managers.

Hiring the best people for the job is fundamental for scaling. But for many organizations, starting with Marketing Automation means entering a new world. Without perfectly knowing which skill sets are needed to thrill in this craft, the recruitment process is often deemed to fail. We help organizations find the very best marketing candidates that have the skill sets to help to take the martech game to the next level. Not only that – we closely assess the culture fit between our candidates and your company.

As part of our Academy we do introductory webinars on everything Martech related. From conversion optimization, trade, email and content marketing, to webinars on growth hacking and how to work agile and growth hacking. The whole shebang. Get your gear on because these webinars will teach you a lot!

This basically teaches you how to Martech. We have workshops lined up for all fundamental Martech related subjects – from how to set up a top notch email marketing campaign, to how to make data driven decisions. With a focus on practicality and instant result, we immediately start with getting shit done. As if someone only wants to listen to theory… (If so, get your ass out of here asap).


You want your growth potential defined? We deep-dive into your data to identify where your funnel makes - or leaks - money and set clear actions to get you started ASAP.


You want your growth potential defined? We deep-dive into your data to identify where your funnel makes - or leaks - money and set clear actions to get you started ASAP.



We'll scan your data and define your potential


On the ground execution to build & implement changes


We'll transfer knowledge, boost your skills and build your own Impact squad


We'll always stay available as coach, knowledge and / or sparringspartner


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